2 Tips for SAP Materials Buyers

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Fabian Bentz

Engineering drawing. Gear, trammel, pencil and draft.Best-selling author of The SAP Material Master – a Practical Guide Matt Johnson shares two tips for SAP Materials Buyers including refining your MRP elements and subcontracting purchase orders.

As a Materials Buyer you may interact with SAP in different ways depending upon the size and structure of your organization. Those of you in small organizations will have a larger part to play in the overall materials management function, while those of you in larger organizations are most likely focused on very specific purchasing actions. In this post, I will discuss the different approaches that will help you to focus on your particular role in SAP Materials Management.

You may find yourself overseeing the procurement for a small job shop, where only a few employees must manage the entire SAP Materials Management process. In this case, your knowledge of SAP Materials Management must be very broad and you will interface with many materials based transactions. Alternatively, you may be employed by a very large corporation, where your procurement responsibility lies in a very small segment of the software. For example, you may be responsible for buying product packaging for a particular product line. In this scenario, you may only use two or three SAP transactions to complete your daily tasks. The following tips, tricks and examples will help you to focus on your SAP procurement role and add value to the overall supply chain while eliminating unnecessary and wasteful activities.

To keep reading and get tips on refining your MRP elements and subcontracting purchase orders, download the 14 page PDF.