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IMG_0018Meet Espresso Tutorials author Thomas Michael. Thomas is the author of Reporting for SAP Asset Accounting.

Why did you choose a career in SAP?
My cousin got me a job as a Junior Consultant right after college in Germany…a looooong time ago. I did have to go through the interview process like everyone else but my cousin definitely nudged me in the right direction.

How did you come to specialize in fixed assets?

Pure coincidence…or luck? I was supposed to be a Production Planning consultant because I majored in Operations Research. But the first SAP project I was assigned to needed expertise in Asset Accounting instead. My boss sent me to a training class and a week later I was a newly minted Asset Accounting consultant.

What are some of the most important trends that you see currently in SAP training?
The traditional classroom training model continues its steady demise. Only 28% of SAP professionals list it as their preferred training delivery method. The overwhelming majority (65%) wants online training instead. Also, and maybe even more importantly, the # 1 obstacle that SAP pros list with regards to SAP training is that they do not have access to useful training material. Companies need to realize this trend and replace those dreadful BPPs (Business Process Procedures) with modern training material (such as online simulations).

What resource recommendations do you have for SAP professionals who want to stay up to date on their SAP knowledge and skills?
Invest in your own skill set by attending leading SAP conferences such as the Controlling conference in San Diego, SAP’s annual SAPPHIRE conference, etc. Also, upgrade your SAP skills by enrolling in hands-on SAP training. This investment in your own skills will pay huge dividends over the long run.
What professional organizations are you associated with?
I’ve been an active member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization and also have been an active volunteer for ASUG (American SAP User Group) for a number of years.

Can you tell us more about one of your hobbies?
When I’m not busy working I like to make my own gin at home and brew a little beer (must be my German heritage).

Thomas Michael is a native of Germany and has been involved in SAP consulting and development since 1993. Over the years, he has worked with an impressive array of clients all over the US and Europe and his clients and peers consider him one of the leading Fixed Assets experts in the SAP space. As the CEO of the Michael Management Corporation ( he speaks and writes widely about SAP issues. Tom has authored numerous books, articles and white papers covering a variety of topics. Also, Tom is a regular speaker at national SAP conferences and other venues.