SAP Materials Management Tip: How to Create a Favorites List

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Fabian Bentz

28Tip on how to create favorites in SAP Materials Materials by Matt Johnson, author of The SAP Material Master – a Practical Guide.

SAP transactions are accessed by either entering the transaction code into the transaction field, or by drilling into the SAP menu and double clicking on the desired transaction on the SAP home screen. You also have the option of creating a list of favorite transactions to be saved on your SAP home screen, and there are three very good reasons for doing this. First, you will save time by having all of your necessary transactions stored in one place. Secondly, you will no longer have to try to remember long transaction codes for manual entry into the transaction field on the home screen (for example, I use the transaction S_P99_41000111 to analyze material cost estimates). Finally, you will no longer waste time searching for, or trying to remember a transaction that is used only once or twice per year.

Creating a favorites list is quite simple. At the top of your SAP home screen you will have a blank FAVORITES folder. You can enter a transaction into this folder by right clicking on the FAVORITES folder and selecting INSERT TRANSACTION (see Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1: Insert favorite transaction

Alternatively, you can add any transaction to your FAVORITES folder by right clicking on the transaction in the SAP home screen menu and selecting ADD TO FAVORITES (see Figure 1.2).
Figure 1.2: Add transaction to favorites

I recommend creating subfolders within your FAVORITES folder to organize your transactions logically. This too will help you to find your desired transaction quickly (see Figure 1.3). Subfolders can be created by right clicking on FAVORITES and selecting INSERT FOLDER.
Figure 1.3: Favorites subfolders