How to convert a purchase requisition into a purchase order (plus how to save $5 off)

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39Excerpt from The SAP Material Master – a Practical Guide.

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The purchase order is the document that is sent to the external business partner, usually by the purchasing department.

Before the purchase requisition can be processed further, it has to be released by the specialist department and/or cost center controlling.

Releasing the Purchase Requisition

The purchase requisition is generally released by the cost center manager. This enables him to get an overview of whether the budget is being adhered to and at the same time, he can decide whether a purchase requisition is to be implemented or not.

For the release in the SAP system you can also define a release strategy. This strategy defines the persons who have to release a purchase requisition and the order in which they have to do so. The release can refer to a complete purchase requisition, although individual purchase requisition items can be converted into purchase order items as well.

In principle, a purchase requisition can be converted without a release, but this is not usually done in practice. Figure 2.16 shows the path for releasing a purchase requisition. The conversion to a purchase order can only take place once the purchase requisition has been released. Alternatively, you can call up transaction ME54N.

Figure 2.16

Figure 2.16: Releasing a purchase requisition: access

If you follow the path Logistics • Materials Management • Purchasing • Purchase Requisition • Release • Individual Release, the view shown in Figure 2.17 appears:

Figure 2.17

Figure 2.17: Releasing a purchase requisition: overview

You release the purchase requisition by clicking Rel… , and it can now be converted into a purchase order.

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