The Purpose of BI Content: Excerpt from First Steps in SAP® BW

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Fabian Bentz

88Excerpt from First Steps in SAP® Business Warehouse (BW) by Gerardo di Giuseppe.

The purpose of BI Content
Many objects are used in SAP BW to analyze company data. Defining objects from scratch represents a huge amount of work and high costs for the IT department. SAP BI Content addresses this issue by providing predefined objects that are ready to use. Thus, you should always check the BI Content before defining BW objects. The BI Content objects can be activated and used as provided or adapted to the company’s requirements.

BI Content objects
The BI Content objects do not contain any data and are simply predefined structures of BW objects.

The content provided by SAP BW is suitable for general business scenarios, specific scenarios, and also for specific industries (e. g., healthcare, media, high tech, and automotive). For a complete list of industry-specific solutions, refer to

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Companies are leveraging the power of big data and are tasked with putting an infrastructure in place that will allow for the analysis of this data. One essential piece of that infrastructure is the data warehouse (DWH). This book offers a comprehensive introduction to SAP Business Warehouse (BW). You’ll learn about the primary features and functions of SAP NetWeaver BW, including architecture, data modeling, data extraction, data staging, and reporting. Learn about the different types of InfoProviders available in SAP BW and get a detailed understanding of InfoObjects and InfoCubes. Walk through the ETL process and best practices for administering InfoCubes and DataStore objects. Get tips on how to optimize data access using aggregates and statistics. By using practical examples, tips, and screenshots, the author brings readers new to SAP BW up to speed on the fundamentals and best practices for providing reports to users.

• Tips for loading data from a source system to SAP BW with SAP ETL
• How to automate ETL tasks using process chains
• Using SAP BW Business Content to accelerate the design of your BW objects
• Leverage BEx Query Designer and BEx Analyzer