Excerpt from SAP® HANA for ERP financials

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92Excerpt from SAP® HANA for ERP Financials by Janet Salmon and Ulrich Schlüter

SAP HANA as a primary database

The accelerated applications described in Chapter 3 also run in this scenario. In addition, there are further use cases that have been optimized based on the current
transactions. We will look at three examples in this chapter.

5.1 Reconciliation of the GR/IR account

From a technical and business perspective, the goods receipt/ invoice receipt account fulfills all prerequisites that make use of the new SAP HANA architecture appear beneficial. In the SAP system, goods movements and invoice transactions are documented as line items, and at the end of a period, a large volume of data has to be reconciled. Goods delivered and not paid for and goods paid for but not yet delivered must be disclosed separately in the financial statements. Figure 5.1 illustrates a new GR/IR Cockpit that lists information about a discrepancy between invoices and deliveries in real time based on SAP HANA.
The following data is available at a glance:
►Number of open invoices per vendor

Figure 5.1

Figure 5.1: GR/IR cockpit

This is an example of where the new database technology can help you to optimize business processes. The following new development based on SAP HANA also
concerns the closing process.

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