SAP Transportation Management Tip: How to define planning costs

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Fabian Bentz

SAP Transportation Management CoverThe options for defining planning costs for the VSR optimizer are very comprehensive. Defining an accurate planning cost model is usually an iterative process. Start with a simple set of a few cost settings (e.g., fixed costs, costs for duration and distance) and test them on a realistic set of data. Work from there by refining your planning costs, adding or adjusting only one parameter with every planning run.

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Managing the movement of goods from one place to another is just one small requirement of a Transportation Management (TM) software. To understand the complete process, there is so much more to consider. A Practical Guide to SAP Transportation Management (TM) provides a comprehensive overview of the transportation processes supported by SAP TM 9.2 including functional highlights, system architecture options (including HANA), and integration aspects. Dive into planning, execution, and tracking processes and detailed configuration. Get best practices on how to best set up capacity management functionality and learn more about charge calculation and settlement. This hands-on guide is for those new to SAP TM, as well as experienced solution consultants, and includes step-by-step descriptions and screenshots.

The authors Anette Götz and Tobias Götz are recognized SAP Transportation Management experts with deep insight into SAP’s supply chain management portfolio. Ms. Götz is a senior consultant, solution architect, and team lead for the implementation of SAP TM and SAP Event Management projects. Mr. Götz is a SAP TM business transformation chief expert, recognized author, and professor.