Three pitfalls to be aware of in SPL control settings

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Fabian Bentz

SAP GTSBe very careful about selecting the CROSS-CHECK ACTIVE box—this functionality might result in more hits because it cross-checks the name against other elements such as street and city characters. 

It will search for field contents in all other fields. For example, if the SPL entity was “Kevin Riddell on GTS Street,” this may hit against a BP of “Kevin GTS on Riddell Street.” This should only be used if your master data is not clean and fields such as name, street, etc. are not consistently used. If you have disciplined data, this is best left unchecked. Also, avoid checking the INCLUDE MASTER RECORDS FLAGGED FOR DELETION box unless absolutely necessary. A better option is to use the archive functionality. We recommend that you select the TAKE PAST CHECK RESULTS INTO ACCOUNT box. This will help the system remember your decisions on the false positives and prevent reviewing the same results multiple times.

Keep reading in Practical Guide to SAP GTS Part 1: SPL Screening and Compliance Management.

SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) helps companies maximize supply chain performance and reduces the overall cost and risk of global trade by ensuring regulatory compliance, accelerating trade activity, and the use of trade automation. Navigate complex and critical customs requirements such as classification, origin/trade agreement, and import/export control issues. Get practical advice on automating trade compliance, trade agreements, and customs declarations online or paper-based. Dive into difficult-to-navigate menus and the available functionality. Using screenshots and detailed instructions, readers will obtain best practices for meeting and exceeding compliance standards, including audit plans.

Part I covers:
• Tips and tricks for leveraging SAP GTS to automate trade compliance
• Walk step by step through business processes
• Overview of regulatory requirements and compliance suggestions
• Review of SAP GTS Version 11.0

The second part of the book dives into preference processing and customs management and will be released in early 2016.

Authors Rajen Iyer and Kevin Riddel are leading SAP trade compliance experts. Rajen Iyer is the co-founder and CTO at Krypt, Inc., one of the fastest growing global trade and supply chain solution providers. Rajen is a recognized thought leader and has published articles and best-selling books on SAP Logistics and GTS. Kevin Riddell is the International Logistics Manager for Tremco Inc. Kevin is recognized as a GTS user subject matter expert and is a regular speaker at SAP and trade compliance events.