SAP cost center hierarchy —excerpt from First Steps in SAP Controlling (CO)

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First Steps in SAP CO
Cost center hierarchy

Cost center hierarchy consists of groups of cost centers in a tree structure within a controlling area.
Cost centers can be grouped together to provide summary cost information. A cost center hierarchy consists of nodes and sub-nodes that cost centers are attached to.
A cost center hierarchy comprises all cost centers for a given period and therefore, represents the entire enterprise. This hierarchy is known as the standard hierarchy.
Cost center hierarchies are typically defined before creating cost centers. Maintenance is handled via transaction OKENN (see Figure 4.1).


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Author Ashish Sampat has been an SAP consultant for most of his career with various consulting organizations and now works as an independent SAP FI/CO consultant. He has provided solutions in several areas of SAP Controlling including product costing, material ledger, and cost center accounting to global clients in consumer packaged goods, life sciences, and industrial sectors.