First Steps in SAP Crystal Reports for Business Users

by Anurag Barua

101 pages, 1st edition, ISBN: 9783943546248

When SAP acquired Business Objects in 2008 Crystal Reports became a standard part of SAP’s software and menu of reporting tools. This book written specifically for business users provides an introduction to SAP Crystal Reports using a real-world business reporting scenario and will enable you to create your first report. We’ll cover:

• Overview, history and evolution of Crystal Reports
• Basic end-user navigation
• Creating a basic report from scratch
• Formatting to meet individual user's presentation needs
• Analysis techniques such as using formulas, sorting/filtering, grouping, summarising, and creating alerts
• Best practices for report distribution

Detailed screenshots and explanations paired with a business reporting scenario will prepare you step by step to work efficiently with SAP Crystal Report version 2011.