SAP BI Unveiled: Understanding SAP’s BI Portfolio

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Alice Adams

Check out our latest SAP video tutorial release by NDZ Anthony – SAP BI Unveiled: Understanding SAP’s BI Portfolio. Start watching now!

Become a well-rounded SAP BI Analyst by learning all there is to know about the SAP BI Landscape!

You may have wondered:

  • What’s the best path for me in my SAP analytics journey?
  • There’s a plethora of tools in SAP’s BI portfolio; which do I start with? BW? HANA? Datasphere?
  • Job titles like ‘SAP Analytics Consultant,’ SAP BW Consultant, and SAP Hana Consultant are some of the hottest careers in SAP tech; what certifications should I take to further my technical career as an SAP business analyst?

This course explores:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAP BW
  • SAP Datasphere
  • SAP Data Intelligence
  • SAP Embedded Analytics, and more.

Author Ndz Anthony is a tech blogger, a part-time artist, and, most notably, a passionate BI instructor. He hails from the showery south of Nigeria, the garden city, and has his first degree in computer engineering. Ndz boasts over three years in the data industry and is a 7X certified SAP | Snowflake Consultant. He is adept at deploying and managing SAP data technologies such as SAP BW, SAP HANA, SAC, and Embedded Fiori Analytics.