SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics – Predelivered and Custom-built Content

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Excerpt from First Steps in SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics by Dmitry Kuznetsov.   There are multiple ways to discover the predelivered and custom-built content, depending on the setup (cloud or on-premise) and availability of external reporting tools.

In this chapter, we focus on content that is the handiest while on the project and when the system is operational for some time.   Let us look at the options for discovery, sorted by preference: – Query browser – External tools   Before we start using the tools, let us see how the views are typically being structured in a Virtual Data Model, using an example from Finance General Ledger (later FI GL) (see Figure 2.1).  

Figure 2.1: Typical structure of views and queries in embedded analytics  

For the sake of coming to the same terminology, our queries are based on a cube (in this example, G/L Line Items cube). The cube is a central object that supplies information to multiple queries (standard and custom), built using different technologies (CDS or BW). The choices and differences are explained in detail in Chapter 4.

Discover the content   The cube itself is a modeling object that combines a lot of underlying views to make a complete analytical model. In our example, these are G/L Account Line Item (transactional data) and Company Code, Cost Center, Fiscal Calendar, etc. (master-data) views. It is advisable to keep Figure 2.1 bookmarked when looking at the tools described in this chapter; it should serve as a guide map.  

Keep reading in First Steps in SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics.

  Dive into this expertly written introduction to embedded analytics in SAP. Get quickly up to speed on the most-important embedded analytics concepts and tools available in SAP S/4HANA. Walk through project activities and get the answer to the question—how much of SAP standard can I use? Obtain an overview of front-end tools including KPIs, multidimensional reporting client, and view/query browser. Learn how to build your own KPIs and reports. Explore custom query options, including those based on CDS technology and BW modeling tools. Get practical advice for managing roles and authorizations. Dive into a list of the most-frequently asked questions.  

  • Explore SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics
  • Look at front-end tools including multidimensional clients
  • Learn how to build your own KPIs and reports
  • Identify custom query options

Dmitry Kuznetsov is an independent consultant who has worked with embedded analytics since 2016, starting with SAP S/4HANA (implementation #5 in the world), which led to deep dives into CDS, SAP Fiori, and all the other new toys SAP has created. He has a bright past in the BW and SAP HANA modeling spaces, creating data warehouses, local data marts, operational reporting solutions, and more.